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Hive’s best-in-class campaign planning software helps agencies like WPP, Essence and IPG win, execute and retain top brands.


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Turn daily chaos into a streamlined process

There’s a big pitch on the horizon. It’s going to be competitive. The pitch team needs differentiators to ensure they win. Here’s three differentiators that brands go wild for:

Tailored experience, down to the individual client team member

It’s no secret: we all work differently. Hive allows each client team member to pick how they want to see campaign progress – Kanban Board, Gantt Chart or Table. You’ll be astonished how different people on the same team will have a strong preference.

Hive Interface

Meetings of extraordinary efficiency

Holding your team (and clients) accountable is imperative during campaign kick off. How many times have you been stuck in a “feel-good” meeting which you later realize had no next steps? Demonstrate Hive Notes to show that your meetings will be productive with clear next steps, assignees, responsibilities and deadlines.

Hive Notes Evernote Alternatives

64% increase in on-time client approvals

We’ve all been there — you’ve addressed 20 rounds of client feedback via email on a YouTube pre-roll ad and the email thread is endless. Clients don’t like that any more than you do. Enter Proofing & Approvals. Share creative documents and enable proofing or approval capabilities with two clicks in Hive to see a 64% increase in on-time client approvals.

You’ve won the pitch thanks to your key differentiators.
Now it’s time to execute flawlessly.

Clear and concise communication

Clients want to know what you’re doing and how it’s going, 24/7. You don’t have time to keep updating them manually. Let them check for themselves with Hive’s Client Portal.

Hive Project Management

Avoid overworking your team

Run a lean, efficient team and reserve the best talent for your campaign with Resourcing. Now you know exactly who has bandwidth to handle that late-night ad hoc client request. And you can save margin by reducing the project management burden.

Hive Agency Tool

Keep your eyes on the prize

So the campaign has launched, and you have multiple channels — branded content, out of home and programmatic — running at the same time. Your client will thank you for Portfolio View, which lets them view all campaigns and tasks on one page.

Hive Portfolio View

You know you’ve done an exceptional job given the constraints
of the campaign, and now you need the tools to track progress and deliverables.
It’s time to showcase your work.

Track progress with ease

Campaigns are starting to wrap, and you need to check-in on billable hours across your team. Utilize Hive Analytics to track completed tasks, and Timesheets to track billable hours by project.

Take data on-the-go

Finalize campaign wrap data in Hive, which your clients can check friction-free on their Hive Mobile App.

Mobile App

Reuse, reduce, recycle

The client doesn’t want to start from scratch on their next campaign. If they stick with you, they can intelligently reuse the best campaign structures via Hive Templates.

Lean Project Management

And that’s how the best agencies are winning, executing and retaining business from the legendary brands of the world in 2020.

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