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schedule planning

Plan complex academic

Organize and plan academic schedules. Track budget, manage communication and streamline reporting.

Course management

Create & share curriculums

Bring your course planning, assignments, and more into Hive. Share with students or collaborate with other faculty.


Tools for academic success

Use Projects and Project Navigator to identify courses, status, and timelines.

Utilize templates for projects and actions to decrease extraneous work. Apply templates from a previous course to kick-start your planning.

Track inbound requests and emails from around the organization. Plan marketing and budgeting initiatives.

Receive automated updates via email, Hive, or your platform of choice with Hive Automate.

Track course progress, costs, and more with dashboards and analytics.

Coordinate group work, share Hive Notes with deliverables and next steps, and assign tasks to individuals.

administrative intake

Pull all requests into one central location

Monitor and track all administrative requests across your university or organization.

high-level insights

Track milestones and goals with dashboards

Have a fundraising, participation or enrollment goal? Set up goals and milestones in Hive. Report on relevant metrics and export data.

integrations & workflows

Run your entire university from Hive

Connect your favorite apps to Hive and automate the flow of information across your entire university.

What our customers are saying

“We run a marketing team at a university and needed a place to keep track of 20+ different populations, each with their own email communication flows. The calendar layout is incredibly helpful.”

Higher Education

“We are solving the issue of coordinating multi-step onboarding and school enrollment processes across department by using Hive’s templates to streamline and track protocols.”

Stanley R,

“I am mapping out business development, marketing campaigns, and even listing out when my grad school assignments are due. Hive creates a one-stop-shop to easily manage all of my projects.”

Management Consulting

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