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Project management

Simple workflows for complex processes. Manage your projects in one centralized platform, built for teams of all sizes.

Unlimited Tasks and Projects

Track projects, tasks and subactions without limits. Assign next steps and add due dates to keep everyone accountable. 

Flexible Project Views

View projects and tasks in the way that makes most sense to you including Gantt, Kanban, and more.

Multi-project Overviews

Visualize multiple projects in one clean view with our Summary and Portfolio views equipped with custom fields for your team.

Intake Forms

Collect information quickly and easily with Forms. All data will be stored and easily accessible from Hive.

Personal To-Do List

Easily access all tasks that are assigned to you and quickly view due dates with your “My Actions” to-do list.

Agile Tracking

Use our Agile points system and Gantt view to run complete agile processes in Hive.



Time management

Understand where your team spends their time. Manage in-person, remote, and hybrid teams with ease.

Team-wide Resourcing

Understand and visualize your team’s workload and project breakdown with a few clicks. Resourcing can be set hourly or by percentage.

Time-tracking by Task

Track your time spent on any action and project (or on behalf of another user) across your workspace, and sort by category.

Trash Bin

Restore recently deleted items from your workspace with the Hive Trash Bin. Items will live there for 30 days after deletion.


Your Calendar in Hive

View and access calendar events from Google or Outlook directly in Hive.

Customize Recurring Tasks

Know that one task you repeat every week? Save yourself time with recurring tasks.

Auto-schedule Meetings

Quickly schedule a meeting related to a task directly from the Hive card itself.

Team collaboration

Work better together in Hive. Leverage enhanced features to keep your entire team on the same page.  

In-App Messenger

Message teammates in real-time with Hive chat, or import your Slack account for seamless communication. Use custom statuses to signal if you’re OOO or busy. 


Proofing & Approvals

Get feedback on your project’s creative assets. Internal and external approvers can leave comments, annotate, and approve multi-stage design processes. New: ability to proof URLs. 

In-App Email

Bring your Gmail or Outlook inbox into Hive. Create tasks from emails, attach threads to tasks, and and send new messages from Hive.



Attach Emails to Action Cards

Ensure that all team members stay up to date on any emails associated with a specific task or project.

Task Prioritization

Designate priority levels for urgent tasks to help your team understand how they can chip in. Filter and sort tasks by priority with a few clicks.

Customized Project Access

Give teammates additional visibility into tasks by adding them as read-only members, external members, or full-access members.



Use Hive to put your projects on autopilot.

Hive Analytics

Access a variety of individual and team-wide statistics about project progress.


Label and Group Tasks

Use labels to group individual actions and report on actions across projects.

Automate Repeated Processes

Set triggers to automate basic work. Create buttons and easily triggered processes to streamline workflow.

Project and Action Templates

Apply templates at both the action and project level to expedite repeatable processes.

Easily Identify Risks

Use AI to assess and alert you to any project risks with easy-to-understand ratings.

Email to Action Card

Auto-add any email to project or workspace by accessing your unique Hive address.

Hive Notes

Our best-in-class Notes product. Accessible in Hive itself, or completely on its own.

Create Meeting Agendas

Use Hive Notes to set a meeting agenda before the meeting starts and sync the note with the meeting.

Edit Collaboratively in Real-Time

Collaborate with others in real-time within the note itself.

Apply Notes Templates

Choose from our selection of pre-developed notes templates ranging from Standup meetings to Project Kickoffs.

Assign Next Steps

Assign action items to teammates and share next steps with meeting attendees.

Comment, Tag, and Follow-Up

Comment on the note after the meeting ends and tag participants.


Google Drive

Seamlessly upload and attach files to actions, projects, action templates, and share them in messages.

Microsoft Teams

Access all features of Hive directly from Microsoft Teams.


Easily share Hive actions in Slack and quickly create actions using slash commands.


Connect your Salesforce and Hive accounts by creating tasks automatically when new opportunities are created.


Sign in once with Okta to streamline application use and authentication process.


Access Gmail directly in Hive through our native email feature which allows you to create actions directly from email.


Access Outlook directly in Hive through our native email feature which allows you to create actions directly from email.


Hive’s integration to Jira allows you to connect Hive projects to selected Jira projects/boards.


Associate Hive actions with Github Branches and automatically capture branch activity.


Sync Hive and Dropbox to attach files to actions and projects, share them in messages, and anywhere else file attachment is supported.


Seamlessly upload your files through OneDrive Integration. Attach your files directly as attachments in Hive.


Seamlessly upload your files through the Box integration. Attach files to actions, projects, action templates, and share them in messages.

HubSpot (via Zapier)

Enhance your marketing efforts with this seamless Hive and HubSpot integration.

Outlook Calendar

View Hive actions directly on your Outlook calendar by creating a new calendar feed based off any project.

Google Calendar

View Hive actions directly on your Google calendar by creating a new calendar feed based off any project.

FreshBooks (via Zapier)

Utilize the Hive and FreshBooks integration to bring your accounting to the next level with automated messages and actions when new items are added.

Zendesk (via Zapier)

Connect Zendesk and Hive for powerful customer service capabilities.

Pipedrive (via Zapier)

Integrate Hive and Pipedrive to streamline communication around your CRM, track deals, and better manage pipeline.

Freshdesk (via Zapier)

Integrate Freshdesk with Hive in a few clicks to elevate your customer service and customer support.

ActiveCampaign (via Zapier)

Level-up your customer experience and marketing operations with this Hive and ActiveCampaign integration.

iCal (via Zapier)

View Hive actions directly on your calendar by creating a new calendar feed based off any project.

Quickbooks (via Zapier)

Connect Hive directly to Quickbooks to easily trigger an action when new payments, invoices, or reports are made.

Zoom Integration

Use Zoom for video conferencing by integrating your account to create ad-hoc meetings directly from Hive messaging.

Intercom (via Zapier)

Never lose track of your conversations by creating an action in Hive when there is a new interaction in Intercom.

Harvest (via Zapier)

Sync Harvest and Hive to bring simple time tracking and invoicing into your Hive workspace.

Marketo (via Zapier)

Automatically convert leads from Marketo into actions in Hive.

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We believe that our customers know exactly what they need to get their work done at record speed. That’s why we’re proud to be community-built, and the world’s first democratic software platform. 


Our product roadmap is entirely determined by feature requests from our users and the volume of votes they get from our community. Have something in mind? Let us know on our Product Forum.

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© 2015 – 2022 HIVE® GLOBAL INC.