Track how your team spends time

Understand which projects are overstaffed or need more resources. Get insight into time spent by project or task.

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lay the groundwork

Structure your projects and tasks

To track time in your workspace, or to understand allocation, you’ll need to first have projects and tasks broken out.

task planning

Let's talk timeline and estimates

Once you’ve got your project or tasks framework set up, you’ll need to figure out your project timeline and overall estimates.


Features for project success

Use Projects and Project Navigator to identify ongoing projects, report on status, and manage timelines.

Use direct messages, group chats, or team updates to send relevant information along about projects and tasks.

Access the workspace activity page to better understand how projects and timelines are progressing.

Customize your Gantt to show project timelines, baselines, milestones, and more.

Automatically track time on tasks with one click. Go about your daily routine and check back in once you’ve completed the task.

Utilize Workspace Overview and Resourcing analytics reports to track how your team is progressing and spot areas for improvement.

submit and review time

Input your time weekly & view high-level trends

Whether you’re resourcing yourself and your team by project or task, use Hive to understand allocation, trends, and identify gaps.

plan ahead

Glean insights & plan for the next project

Once you’ve tracked time and manage timelines across one project, there will likely be another right around the corner. Leverage the work you’ve already done.

integrations & workflows

Run your entire organization from Hive

Connect your favorite apps to Hive and automate the flow of information across your entire project team.

What our customers are saying

“Hive allows our team to customize our workflow. It also has several tools and features that help us individually organize and optimize our goals and plans.”


Alex S,
Operations Coordinator

“I love the approval process. It truly helps our team streamline our work with minimum direct attention. I also enjoy summary views and how customizable they are to my different needs.”

Luke H,
Marketing Associate

“We use Hive as our primary workflow management tools – it helps us track of ongoing projects for all the members of the team with real time updates.”


Anirudh G,
Delivery Lead

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