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campaign planning

Plan and track
complex campaigns

Organize, construct, and execute campaigns in one tool.

full visibility

Stay on the same page
with your team

Manage your campaign deliverables across your team. Store all updates in one central location so new teammates and contributors can quickly get up to speed.


Tools for agency success

Use Hive Forms to intake relevant client information and kickstart your projects.

Develop a clean project framework with parent and child projects, tasks, and subtasks. Assign tasks to teammates, teams, or external users.

Proof documents, images, and URLS. Submit campaign materials to external approvers directly through Hive.

Receive automated updates via email, Hive, or your platform of choice with Hive Automate.

Track project progress, costs, and more with dashboards and analytics.

Utilize portfolio view and milestone tracking to get an accurate look at progress across the entire organization.

optimize your time

Track your billable hours

Monitor and record the time your team spends on specific campaigns or client deliverables.

easy client approvals

Quick sign-off from clients

Centralize all client approvals, feedback, and requests about their campaigns in Hive.

integrations & workflows

Run your entire agency from Hive

Connect your favorite apps to Hive and automate the flow of information across your entire agency.

What our customers are saying

“It fits my current use cases (running an ad agency) quite well, but even better, they’re constantly improving on it.”


Andrew F,
Creative Director

“We’re keeping client projects moving forward at a pace that was unimaginable before. As a small agency, Hive gives us the ability to be nimble and agile.”

Marketing and Advertising

“The number of custom views allows our multiple teams to quickly access to the data they need to help deploy resources in the best manner possible.”

Frank P,

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