Hive now integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. To access the integration, first visit to log in to your Microsoft Teams account. Then, locate the Apps widget along the left-hand rail of the Teams workspace, click on it and search for ‘Hive.’

Hive for Microsoft Teams

Once you click on the ‘Hive’ app, you will be prompted to log in, and once you do, you have all of the functionality of our Hive app directly within MS Teams.

Hive in Teams

Additionally, you can also add Hive as a part of your Team channel within MS Teams. Within ‘Teams,’ you can add Hive to your team’s space by clicking the ‘+’ button at the top panel. Upon clicking the ‘+,’ a message window will open and allow you to make Hive a tab at the top of the channel. Select Hive.

Select Hive Tab

Next, select your workspace. All of the workspaces that you have associated with the email you use for Hive will appear. Once you select your workspace, you can select the project you want to add from the dropdown. The Hive project you select will then be added as a tab at the top of your Teams channel.