Utilize the Hive and Salesforce integration to create projects or actions in Hive directly from a trigger in Salesforce.

Connect Your Salesforce Account

To connect to Salesforce, navigate to Hive Apps and click the switch under “Salesforce.” Note that your organization must be using either the Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, or Performance edition of Salesforce in order for Hive to be able to access your data inside of Salesforce and make requests to the API on your behalf.

Hive Salesforce

Accessing the Salesforce Trigger Menu

The menu for creating, viewing, disabling and deleting triggers can be found in the same menu as the Hive Apps button.

Hive Dropdown

Upon opening the menu, you will be greeted by a screen, which gives you the option to make a new trigger. Clicking “Add new trigger” brings you to the trigger creation screen. There are two sections: “In Salesforce” tells the trigger what to listen for, and “In Hive” tells the trigger what to do in response.

Building Triggers

“In Salesforce” — This section is where you can specify various criteria to listen for. You can listen on a variety of collections inside of Salesforce. Selecting the “updated” option will fire when the object in Salesforce updates such that the criteria in the below box is met.

For example, if you have an opportunity in Salesforce that’s already closed and won, and you update its name, the trigger will not fire, but if you change an opportunity from “prospecting” to “closed won” the trigger will fire. On “created” only, you can decide not to specify an additional condition by clicking the small “x.” This will then make the trigger fire whenever an object in that collection is created.

“In Hive” — This section allows you to create new projects or actions off of the trigger deciding to fire.

Salesforce Hive

Creating Projects

When creating a project, you can choose to build the project from a template. If you choose to create a project from no template, it will be visible to everyone in your workspace. If you do build from a template, it will copy the visibility settings from the template. If you leave the title field blank, it will take the name of item from Salesforce.

For instance, if you are triggering on account creation, and someone makes an account for “Joe Smith,” the project would be called “Joe Smith” in Hive. Projects can additionally sync over fields from Salesforce as custom project fields that will show up in Hive’s project navigator. Once the project is created by the trigger, the fields specified in the “sync” box will update to track Salesforce.

Creating Actions

When creating an action, you can also choose to build from a template, and can also specify a project to place the action into. If you choose to apply a template, the created action will bring over attachments and assignees from the action template. If you don’t apply a template and don’t pick a project, the action will be assigned to you.

If you don’t apply a template and do pick a project to file it under, it will be not be assigned to anyone. Similar to projects, if you leave the title field blank, the action will take the name of the Salesforce object as its name.

Viewing Triggers

Once you’ve built a trigger inside the creation menu, it will appear in the main page.

Salesforce Trigger

You can enable or disable the trigger by clicking the blue switch at the right of the the trigger’s box.

Salesforce Trigger

You can also view the information associated with this trigger by clicking the arrow at the far right of the box, which will cause a summary to drop down. From the dropdown, you can also delete the trigger.

When Triggers Fire

When an event happens inside of Salesforce, Hive doesn’t immediately create a new action or project. First, it has to ensure that it’s not mirroring objects that are already tracked. Imagine, for instance, that you have a trigger to make a project when an opportunity hits the Perception Analysis stage. If you have an Opportunity bouncing between the perception analysis and proposal / price quote stages, you wouldn’t want it to make a new project each time it hits “price quote.”

Hive will make a new project or action so long as there is no pre-existing action or project that is both:

Created by this trigger

Tracking that particular object in Salesforce