Hive’s integration to Jira allows you to connect Hive projects to selected Jira projects/boards.

Plan your projects in Hive and then send your Hive actions to Jira to be worked on by your development team. Hive allows you to configure syncing from Hive to Jira, Jira to Hive, or both (a 2-way sync) on a project-by-project basis, allowing you to create a new story in Jira from an action card. When updates to the story’s status or date change in Jira, those changes will be reflected in the linked action card. You’ll always be able to see the Jira story linked to your action cards in Hive.

Have an existing Jira story you need to link to a Hive action card? You can search for your Jira story in your action card and easily link the two together.