Easily connect OneDrive to Hive with our integration and share files without any disruption to your workflow.

To initiate the integration between OneDrive and Hive, click on the blue Add Files button on the upper right hand side of your Hive window.

Hive OneDrive

Once you’ve selected the blue Add File button, simply select OneDrive, and you’ll be directed to a window where you’ll be asked to submit your OneDrive credentials. Please note that each file store is connected to an individual user. This means that users can have as many file systems integrated as they would like, but you can only link 1 account per service; in other words, someone can only have one OneDrive account hooked up. 

Once integrated, the user can attach files in the following ways:

  • Attach files to an Action Card
  • Add files in a comment on an Action Card
  • Add files on the Project Home Page
  • Share files in a Chat message

To attach a file to an Action Card, click on the paperclip icon in the Action Card itself or in the comments. Then click “Attach from OneDrive” and select the file you’d like to include.

Attach Files

To attach a file onto the Project Home Page, navigate to the Attachments section and select Attachment and select “Attach from OneDrive.”

Add File to Project Homepage

Additionally, you can also attach a file in a chat message by clicking the “+” sign and selecting “Attach from OneDrive.”

Add Attachment to Chat

Other users can only see your files if you attach/share them with the user in Hive and they have permission to see it in the respective cloud storage service.